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‘AudioMatter’ (work-in-progress) is a multi-touch application for interactive tables such as Microsoft Surface and for tablets such as iPad. With AudioMatter you can create, shape and compose together sound with your fingers on the touch surface. The goal is to  [ Read More ]

Showreel Soundtrack

As part of my studies in Audio Design I took up the task of redesigning the soundtrack of a showreel from scratch. While I enjoyed the original classical music soundtrack, I also thought it would be interesting with a completely  [ Read More ]


Sharkness was an algorithmic sound scape developed for the danish exhibition center and aquarium the Kattegat Centre. Here the designers experienced a place they choose to name the Lagoon. In the Lagoon the participant have a 180 degree view of the  [ Read More ]

Box Bob

Box Bob was a 1 month DADIU (Det Danske Akademi for Digital, Interaktiv Underholdning / The Danish Academy for Digital, Interactive Entertainment) computer game production. My contributions: Lead Audio Designer, Composer (Cubase, Wavelab), Developer (Source / Hammer)


'AudioMatter' (work-in-progress) is a multi-touch application for interactive tables such ...

Digital Natives: Por

'Portraits' is an interactive video installation that invites participants to ...

The Journey of Holge

Calm, stoic, almighty – the statue of Holger the Dane ...

Shanghai EXPO 2010

During summer 2010, the Danish pavilion at the Shangai Expo ...

Climate on the Wall

It's cold, it's evening and speech bubbles are hovering over peoples ...