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Climate on the Wall

It’s cold, it’s evening and speech bubbles are hovering over peoples head. In 2009 the municipality af Aarhus invited the public to a conference about the climate. To rise awareness of the conference going on inside the building called ‘Ridehuset’, CAVI turned the old brick-wall facade into a novel mediafacade by use of projection. While people passed by on the pavement, they would catch a climate related word that would turn into a speech bubbles hovering over their head and following them for a while. The project was called ‘Climate on the wall’.

My contributions: Front-end programmer (ActionScript 3.0), design improvements and modifications

The mediafacade consisted of two computers. One computer connected to 6 IR sensitive cameras sensors that tracked the people as shadow blobs as they walked around below the facade. Two towers equipped with strong projectors was located opposite the old building and connected to a computer that projected the speech bubbles above peoples head.


‘Climate on the Wall’ at ‘Ridehuset’ in Aarhus, Denmark

‘Climate on the Wall’ was relaunched in 2011 at ‘Roskilde Festival’ in a calm location called the ‘Poetry Hall’. In this hall the weary festival guest could sit and relax with a good book and some good friends. On the back-end of the wall the mediafacade was placed – this time name ‘Poetry Wall’, with new words that related to literature and stories. Pictures below are from the ‘Poetry Hall’:

cotw_roskilde_01An overview of ‘Poetry Hall’ – ‘Poetry Wall’ in the back of the building.

cotw_roskilde_03A closer shot of ‘Poetry Wall’



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