Portfolio for Per Henrik Storm

Make My Head Grow

Slam, Boom, Bam! At Nordic Game Jam 2009 in Copenhagen, this little fellow and his brother came to life. Living in their own separate box, their sole purpose is to tip the other brother’s box out of the edge and into the void! Designed and produced in 48 hours, the game called ‘Make My Head Grow’ was well received and received several awards at the computer game meet-up, which featured over 300 participating artist, designers and programmers.

My contributions: Co-designer, Programmer (ActionScript 3.0)

The Nordic Game Jam version of Make My Head Grow was developed in ActionScript 3.0 / Flash. In 2013 the game was released for iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded free of charge at the Apple App Store. The iOS version is developed in Unity3D and published by Funday Factory, which is co-funded by the original game designer of Make My Head Grow.


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