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Digital Natives: Portraits

‘Portraits’ is an interactive video installation that invites participants to explore the world of a girl and her passion about books and a boy and his fondness for photographing. The film content were created by two young girls from the Digital Natives project, giving a personal glimpse into the dreams and self-representations of the young generation.

My contributions: Co-Organizer, Co-designer, Programmer (Java + Max/Msp)

The installation was placed in a intimate darkened room and  in which one of the walls consisted of a back projected image facing a similar sized mirror. While the visitors explored the installation by walking around in front of the projected image, the video was split into small pieces and remixed in real time


The intensity of the audience’ movements controlled the timing and selection of clips, playback speed and coloring of the visuals, ranging from subtle movements to fast-paced energetic experience.

By these means ‘Portraits’ reflected and challenged the relationship between the visitor and the digital natives, leaving the participants with an impression of the digital natives’ passions instead of factual answers.

The installation was part of the research based Digital Natives exhibition and emerged in a collaborative design process between two digital natives, Aarhus University and CAVI.

Digital Natives was an exhibition experiment about and in collaboration with young people who have grown in a digital age. The research project explores the culture and identity of these young people and experiments with new way of communicating this culture in exhibition contexts. The Digital Natives exhibition was running at the Aarhus Art Building in December 2011.

The exhibition was the culmination of a long-term research effort involving a group of young people. The core of the exhibition was a collection of digital material from these young peoples lives in the form of Facebook updates, text messages and pictures. In the exhibition space, visitors were offered various ways of exploring these materials through interactive installations in which ‘Portraits’ was one of.

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