Portfolio for Per Henrik Storm

Shanghai EXPO 2010

During summer 2010, the Danish pavilion at the Shangai Expo 2010 opened to the public, inviting people to come and experience the Danish interpretation of the theme: ‘Better city, better life’. The steel construction featured an enormous media façade, sparkling with colours and light. The building was transformed into an architectural display that maked the pavilion come alive at nightfall.

My contributions: Early prototype developer (Adobe Air, ActionScript 3.0)

The main challenge in designing the lighting of the façade was the complex shape of the pavilion. Fifty meters long and twelve meters high, shaped like a giant spiral, and pierced by approximately 3600 holes of five different sizes, which can be considered as pixels, the exterior of the pavilion may be regarded as a complexly-shaped media façade. The fact that the façade is not rectangular, but has a curving and organic shape, made the challenge for the designers even greater.


An array of sensors monitors the intensity of the sunlight on the building, thereby lighting the entire pavilion in a way that adapts gracefully to light conditions throughout the day. Every night, during the late evening hours, there is a media show that explores the screen-like potential of the façade, by displaying dedicated content that takes into account the spatial qualities of the somewhat unusual architecture.

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