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Sharkness was an algorithmic sound scape developed for the danish exhibition center and aquarium the Kattegat Centre. Here the designers experienced a place they choose to name the Lagoon. In the Lagoon the participant have a 180 degree view of the Kattegat Centre’s impressive shark tank that holds a number of tropical fish – including tropical sharks.

My contributions: Co-designer, Programmer (Max/Msp)

The Lagoon was perceived by the designers as simultaneously serene and terrifying, because of the magnificence of the big sharks that “hover” over the audience in a leisurely pace, the sensation on being underwater, the twinkles of light that breaks the surface and the slow and gentle pace of the experience.

Therefore the goal of sound design were to support and extend the intimacy of the Lagoon’s and make the space into a harmonious place of presence, in which the audio-visual sensations supports the kind of gentle, meditative state of the experience.

Sharkness 02

The music is generated by algorithms that based on a series of rules, music theory and probabilities calculates how the sound scape shall develop in terms of dynamics, rhythm, feeling and timbres and structure. Therefore, two play-through will never be exactly alike.

Musically the the algorithmic audio design is based around of the metaphor of continuous energy blast at the bottom of the sea and the following release of energy that bubbles towards the surface and resonates in everything it meets in its way until it dissolves at the surface.

The initial blasts occurs with a deep timbre that mimics the feeling of being below sea level. Pulses then evolves into long, instrumental chords that slowly changing harmonic, while the panning of audio from side to side to mimic the shark’s slow movements in the aquarium.Finally each pulse ends as a series of short bell-like sounds that are designed to mimic the top-down lights that glitter in the Lagoon’s water surface.

Sharkness was implemented and presented at the exhibition space in a 2.1 speaker setup, using a subwoofer and a set of stereo speakers. A secondary version in a 5.1 speaker setup supported by 3D video recordings of the Lagoon was later implemented at Centre for Advance Research and Interaction (CAVI) in Aarhus.

Sharkness 01

The project was realized in collaboration between by Kasper Aae, Mads Lykke, Per Henrik Storm (all from Aarhus University, Denmark) and Kattegat Centeret, Grenaa, Denmark.

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