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Showreel Soundtrack

As part of my studies in Audio Design I took up the task of redesigning the soundtrack of a showreel from scratch. While I enjoyed the original classical music soundtrack, I also thought it would be interesting with a completely different approach: To mix multiple musical styles, tempi, chords and melodies with soundeffects. My goal was to create a coherent musical patchwork to complement the different styles of each clip in the showreel.

My contributions: Composer & Audio Designer (Cubase SX, Reaper, Wavelab)

My redesign of the soundtrack:

Video © 2011 Ghost A/S, Denmark. Soundtrack © 2011 Per Henrik Storm. For educational purpose only.

For the redesign of the soundtrack I composed the musical pieces as well as mixed the soundscape consisting of both own recordings and sound effects from repositories. My aim was to highligt the personality of each clip with a corresponding musical style (e.g. classical inspired for Tivoli fly-through, rock music for action plane sequence etc.) as well as give the characters personality (e.g. the parrots) and a tactile feel (e.g. the LEGO robots). As the timing of the video was not altered, the biggest musical challenge was to create smooth transitions between the clips in terms of e.g. tempo, chord structure and overall sound.

The original soundtrack:

Video and Soundtrack © 2011 Ghost A/S, Denmark. An updated showreel can be found on www.ghost.dk.

The original soundtrack consisted of a well composed clasical piece. While I appreciated the original soundtrack as it created a connection between the different clips, I also enjoyed the process of taking a completely different approach in the redesign.

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